What is KPI dashboard

A KPI dashboard displays key performance indicators in interactive charts and graphs, allowing for quick, organized review and analysis. Key performance indicators are quantifiable measures of performance over time for specific strategic objectives.

KPI 仪表板以交互式图表和图形显示关键绩效指标,允许快速、有条理的审查和分析。 关键绩效指标是特定战略目标随时间变化的可量化绩效衡量标准。

  • A fast, easy solution to tracking KPIs and other business metrics.
  • A unified view of data that improves visibility into company health.
  • Customizable data visualization with performance and status indicators.

What is Digital Twin

Digital twin technology refers to the concept of creating a digital replica of a physical asset or system. This digital replica can be used to simulate a real-world counterpart, enabling designers, engineers, and other stakeholders to test, monitor, and improve the performance of a physical asset or system. A digital twin is constantly updated with real-time data from a physical asset or system, which allows it to accurately reflect the current state of its real-world counterpart. The technology is increasingly being used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare and transportation.


Architecture Design

mBoard application is acted as the client of the system. Middleware is software that lies between devices and mBoard. Middleware enables communication and data management for mBoard applications. This can be the implementation of Iot System and Digital Twin.

mBoard应用作为系统的客户端。 中间件是介于设备和mBoard之间的软件。 中间件支持 mBoard 应用程序的通信和数据管理。 这可以是物联网系统和数字孪生的实施。

Try Use

This is a Java Project that generate the Live GPS Data as the source of the REST API for the mBoard App. Overall, this project would allow developers to create a simple and efficient way for dummy data in the JSON format through a REST API.
This is a Java Project that generate the JSON data as the source of the REST API for the mBoard App. Overall, this project would allow developers to create a simple and efficient way for dummy data in the JSON format through a REST API.
This is a Django Project (Python) that generate the JSON data such as CPU Usage as the source of the REST API for the mBoard App.
Glances is an open-source system cross-platform monitoring tool. It allows real-time monitoring of various aspects of your system such as CPU, memory, disk, network usage etc. Glances would be the source of the REST API for the mBoard App.

mBoard Pricing


USD 0 / month

* For Specific Countries
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Unlimited mBoard Widgets
  • Unlimited Datasources
  • 2 Workspaces on Cloud


Soon to be Launched

  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Unlimited mBoard Widgets
  • Unlimited Datasources
  • 10 Workspaces on Cloud


Soon to be Launched

  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Unlimited mBoard Widgets
  • Unlimited Datasources
  • 100 Workspaces on Cloud
              Change Log

              # 4.0.0
              - Redesigned user interface: A major upgrade would likely involve a complete redesign of the user interface to improve the overall look and feel of the application. 
              - Improved navigation: With a new design, it's important to make sure that users can navigate the application easily and efficiently. 
              - Better data integration: Many users will be integrating data from multiple sources, so it's important to ensure that the dashboard can handle this seamlessly. 
              - Responsive design: With more people accessing applications on mobile devices, a major upgrade should ensure that the dashboard is fully responsive and works well on all screen sizes.
              Overall, a major upgrade for a dashboard application with a new design should focus on improving the user experience and making it easier for users to access and analyze data.

              # 4.0.1
              - [Fix] Search Workspace with not default language
              - [Fix] Fix edit Tab name
              - [Fix] Compass Color for dark/light mode
              - [Fix] Map with updating coordinate in realtime
              - [Feature] Preview Datasource Data on prior drag a widget

              # 4.0.2
              - [Fix] Enhance Performance and user experience
              - [Fix] Drag lagging while many running widgets on whiteboard
              - [Fix] Datasource Tree intermittent issue
              - [Fix] Improve Datasource Connection
              - [Fix] Edit Collection name
              - [Fix] Close Widget Properties before timeout
              - [Feature] Show/hide json key for Widget
              - [Feature] Gauge show/hide labels

              # 4.0.3
              - [Feature] Multiple Widgets Selection from dragging a rectangular
              - [Feature] Multiple Widgets Selection for Align Action
              - [Feature] Resolution Option Selection while create workspace
              - [Feature] Screen Orientation Selection while create workspace
              - [Feature] Compact File Size Number Selection
              - [Feature] Percent Symbol Selection for Number Options
              - [Feature] Read Mode Selection for Whiteboard
              - [Feature] Duplicate Tab
              - [Feature] Shortcut Key 
              - [Fix] Live Update Widget with new UI
              - [Fix] Update Table Widget UI

              # 4.0.4
              - [Fix] Align Widgets Effect was not expected
              - [Fix] Orientation Whiteboard Selection was not expected

              # 4.0.5
              - [Feature] Pyramid Widget
              - [Feature] Funnel Widget
              - [Feature] Treemap Widget
              - [Update] Updated Widget Form UI
              - [Update] Updated Bar Navigation 

              # 4.0.6
              - [Update] Update Navigation
              - [Fix] Fix Bugs

              # 4.0.7
              - [Feature] Widget Title Font Properties
              - [Feature] Add Device Info Screen
              - [Fix] Fix Bugs

              # 4.0.8
              - [Remove] Remove Unnecessary Bar
              - [Fix] Json Tree with the Same Key Name
              - [Fix] TextWidget Image Field with Fit Contain
              - [Fix] Convert Map lat and lng String to Double
              - [Fix] Convert Datasource Response from String to Json Format
              - [Fix] Fix Bugs and Improve Performances

              # 4.1.0
              - [Feature] Auth user from Server
              - [Feature] Upload/Download Portfolio for Cloud
              - [Feature] Search Json Data from Datasource
              - [Feature] Share Workspaces
              - [Fix] Handle Invalid Image URL
              - [Fix] Import/Export Workspace issue
              - [Fix] Websocket not deactivated
              - [Fix] MS Windows cannot drag and move window
              - [Fix] Note Widge with css style issue

              # 4.1.1
              - [Update] Upgrade showing record limit from 20 to 200
              - [Feature] Search Json Text with Copy Function
              - [Fix] Data Reverse for Chart issue
              - [Fix] CSV Datasource issue
              - [Fix] Show Guide Box issue

              # 4.1.2
              - [Feature] Sort Date Function for Workspaces
              - [Fix] Datasource GET/POST method with headers issue

              # 4.1.3
              - [Feature] Refresh Button for Whiteboard 
              - [Feature] Image Widget with Datasource
              - [Feature] Map Widget with Multiple Pins Widget
              - [Feature] Table Widget Column Sort ASC/DESC
              - [Feature] Note Widget with HTML Editor
              - [Feature] Datasource Refresh Indicator with Animation
              - [Feature] Add Auto Chart Option
              - [Update] Theme Colors
              - [Update] Improve Performance

              # 4.1.4
              - [Feature] Map Widget with Zoom In/Out Button
              - [Fix] Upload Portfolio to Cloud issue
              - [Fix] Pop Information with Map Widget Pin issue

              # 4.1.5
              - [Feature] View Mode for Workspace on Web App
              - [Feature] Show HTTP Error message on Screen
              - [Update] Datasource for WebSocket Protocol from http to ws
              - [Update] Enter URL required protocol validation

              # 4.1.6
              - [Feature] Refresh Button on View Mode from Cloud
              - [Update] Remove Cloud Download from View Mode
              - [Fix] NoteWidget Empty Text issue

              # 4.1.7
              - [Feature] Undo Redo for Widget Position
              - [Feature] New BooleanData Widget
              - [Feature] New MapTheme Widget
              - [Feature] Datasource Tree View with Expand/Collapse
              - [Update] Font Setup for Text Widget  

              # 4.1.8
              - [Fix] Datasources Long Loading issue

              # 4.1.9
              - [Fix] Didn't showup AlignWidget action bar while selected multiple widgets
              - [Fix] Undo Redo issue for selected multiple widgets

              # 4.1.10
              - [Fix] Disconnected CSV Datasource issue
              - [Update] MapTheme Widget supports AutoChart

              # 4.1.11
              [Feature] New RangePointer Widget
              [Fix] Bugs Fix

              # 4.1.12
              - [Update] Remove MapSingleTracer Widget
              - [Update] Prevent Multiple Click Issue on Template Button
              - [Fix] Map Scale Update Issue

              # 4.1.13
              - [Feature] Search Json in dialog box for Desktop Version
              - [Feature] More Colors
              - [Feature] Japan Language Support
              - [Update] Reduce the screenshot file size
              - [Update] Update Couple of Library Version
              - [Fix] Help&Support issue on Linux

              # 4.1.14
              - [Update] Refactor File Picker Library
              - [Update] Overlay Message Shape
              - [Update] Handle Create Sample Workspace for Desktop only

              # 4.1.15
              - [Update] Enhance Multiple Selected Panes
              - [Update] ActionBar always Expanded
              - [Update] Default Font is Roboto
              - [Update] Refactor Widget Action Bar UI
              - [Fix] Datasource Indicator on Each Widgets
              - [Fix] Create Template issue on Mobile

              # 4.1.16
              - [Fix] After Logout Screen
              - [Fix] UI bugs
              - [Fix] Map Marker Overflow
              - [Update] Above macOS 13.0