Design Realtime KPI Dashboard for Digital Twin


What is KPI dashboard

A KPI dashboard displays key performance indicators in interactive charts and graphs, allowing for quick, organized review and analysis. Key performance indicators are quantifiable measures of performance over time for specific strategic objectives.

  • A fast, easy solution to tracking KPIs and other business metrics.
  • A unified view of data that improves visibility into company health.
  • Customizable data visualization with performance and status indicators.

Key Features

Multiple Data Sources

Just add the REST API Url for datasources.
Datasource data MUST be a JSON format.

Free Access

Just use mBoard with pay zero.
No need auth and cloud server

Drag & Drop with Widgets

Just move your mouse for drag the widgets
Widget can be resized and display the full content.

Export or Import

Just save your dashboard portfolio on local drive.
Redraw the dashboard by importing again.

Customize Dashboard Size

Just select your dashboad resolution as you wish.
Only predefined sizes are available


Just open your dashboad on any platforms
Support for MS Windows, macOS and Web Browser.

Realtime Data

Just put your REST API as datasource with refresh rate.
The mBoard would keep request the URL.


Just create many widgets as you wish.
Performance depended on your local computation.

Business Scenario

KPI dashboard has wide area of implementation for any industries and business. As we knew, KPI dashboard transforms massive data sets from across an organization into data-driven decisions. Below is the sample scenario for improving your business.

Marketing effectiveness
  • Keyword performance
  • Average time on page
  • Conversion rate
  • Average lead score
  • Website traffic lead ratio
Customer service
  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Cost per call
  • First response time
  • Customer retention rate
  • Average resolution time
Financial health
  • Profit and loss
  • Current ratio
  • Operating cash flow
  • Burn rate
  • Vendor expenses
IT performance
  • Mean time to repair
  • Server downtime
  • IT ROI
  • Unsolved tickets per employee
  • Projects delivered within budget

Composite Chart

First, check the JSON data into Table on the KPI Dashboard. Second, design the composite chart from the view of table.

What is Composite Chart?

Chart is a sheet exhibiting information in tabular form. A composite bar chart is useful when the two or more sets of data are connected.

For example, the stock market information can be read from open, high, low, closed price. A composite bar chart can be grouped stock price and each date will be shown.

mBoard.xyz has the feature for display the tabular form into composite chart by filling up the widget properties appropriately.

KPI Dashboard for Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, is updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making. KPI Dashboard enhances their product’s capabilities around Dashboarding, Reporting, Predicted Analytics. It acts as a seamless component that is embedded within platforms that can be switched on and enable customers with database sites.

Digital twins are already extensively used in the following applications:

Power-generation equipment

Large engines — including jet engines, locomotive engines and power-generation turbines — benefit tremendously from the use of digital twins, especially for helping to establish timeframes for regularly needed maintenance.

Structures and their systems

Big physical structures, such as large buildings or offshore drilling platforms, can be improved through digital twins, particularly during their design. Also useful in designing the systems operating within those structures, such as HVAC systems.

Manufacturing operations

Since digital twins are meant to mirror a product’s entire lifecycle, it’s not surprising that digital twins have become ubiquitous in all stages of manufacturing, guiding products from design to finished product, and all steps in between.

Healthcare services

Just as products can be profiled through the use of digital twins, so can patients receiving healthcare services. The same type system of sensor-generated data can be used to track a variety of health indicators and generate key insights.

Automotive industry

Cars represent many types of complex, co-functioning systems, and digital twins are used extensively in auto design, both to improve vehicle performance and increase the efficiency surrounding their production.

Urban planning

Civil engineers and others involved in urban planning activities are aided significantly by the use of digital twins, which can show 3D and 4D spatial data in real time and also incorporate augmented reality systems into built environments.

Reference: https://www.ibm.com/uk-en/topics/what-is-a-digital-twin

Architecture Design

mBoard application is acted as the client of the system. Middleware is software that lies between devices and mBoard. Middleware enables communication and data management for mBoard applications. This can be the implementation of Iot System and Digital Twin.

About mBoard App

KPI dashboards allow users to compare and understand the detail behind the numbers. Most importantly, they provide helpful high-level insight into performance, rather than every single detail.

mBoard is a offline App that NO AUTH and NO CLOUD SERVER. It converts JSON data into tabular form as well as gorgeous chart. It is supporting multi platforms and redraw your dashboard from import the pre-exported portfolios. It's safe and private because you keep the datasource portfolios from your local drive. Bigger screen size can be shown after you have designed the dashboard from mBoard App.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at marketing@wheref.com. We can further investigate more features and functions.

Try Use

Microsoft Store
Apple AppStore
macOS & iOS
Testing Project
CodeCanyon Store
You can get the source code by purchasing it for Version 1.0.5
              Change Log

              # 2.0.0
              * Workspace Management
              * Dashboard Tab and Collection
              * Redesign Portfolio Format
              * Auto Convert Portfolio V1 to V2
              * Import Portfolio for new Workspace

              # 2.0.1
              * Panorama Widget
              * Fix Bug

              # 2.0.2
              * Fix Bug

              # 2.0.3
              * Fix issue while create Gauge with range color

              # 2.0.4
              * Spark Line Chart and Area Chart
              * Update Gauge UI
              * Datasource refresh rate minimum 1 seconds
              * Fix Green indicator result
              * Fix Bug

              # 2.0.5
              * Support WebSocket as Datasource
              * Animation Panorama Hotspot
              * Compact mBoard Window
              * Settings Page
              * Feedback Form
              * New Fonts for Select
              * Fix Save Dashboard Size
              * Fix Spark Line Chart and Area Chart

              # 2.0.6
              * Enhance business logic
              * Change Full Screen Icon
              * Initial Maximize Window Size
              * QRCode Widget w/o datasource
              * Import/Export dashboard state
              * Custom Dashboard Size
              * Fix ImageWidget may not display

              # 2.0.7
              * Fix Bug

              # 2.0.8
              * Update Library
              * Write Review

              # 2.0.10
              * Image with hotspot link
              * Move Up Down for Tabs order
              * Update Library
              * Fix Bug

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