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Top 10 Use Cases of Digital Twin in the Year 2023
Due to its astounding results, digital twin technology has attracted more traction. Technology is introduced at a time when businesses are changing how they operate, communicate with their customers, and create new products and services. So, over the past year, the demand for digital twin has grown. Tools for creating digital twins are becoming more powerful, effective, and user-friendly. Additionally, they are utilizing USD and glTF, two prominent formats, to link various procedures and tools collectively. A range of use cases of Digital Twin is changing how work is carried out in several industries, people are seeking use cases of Digital Twin in 2023. The Digital Twin in 2023 will be a big thing as it going to accurately predict the present phase and future phases of physical parts through their counterparts.
Why mBoard does not use Cloud
Security concerns are one of the main reasons why enterprise may choose not to use the cloud for mBoard applications.
安全问题是企业可能选择不将云端用于 mBoard 应用程序的主要原因之一。
When data is stored on a cloud service, it is stored on servers that are managed and maintained by a third party. This means that the enterprise has less control over the security of the data and may be at a higher risk of data breaches or cyber attacks.
当数据存储在云端服务上时,它存储在由第三方管理和维护的服务器上。 这意味着企业对数据安全性的控制较少,并且可能面临更高的数据泄露或网络攻击风险。
Additionally, cloud services may not have the same level of security as on-premises systems, and may not be able to meet the specific security requirements of certain industries or enterprise.
Another security concern is the risk of data leakage, where data may be accidentally or intentionally leaked to unauthorized parties.
Lastly, enterprise may not want to rely on a third party for data storage and processing, as it can be difficult to ensure that the cloud provider is meeting the enterprise's security standards and requirements.
Therefore, it's important to evaluate the security risks and benefits of using the cloud and make the decision based on the specific use case and the enterprise's security requirements.
Cloud services typically require a subscription fee or a pay-per-use model, which can add up over time. Additionally, enterprise may incur additional costs for data transfer and storage, as well as for additional features or services. Thus, mBoard product cost is a fixed price for all customers.
云端服务通常需要订阅费或按使用付费模式,这些费用会随着时间的推移而增加。 此外,企业可能会因数据传输和存储以及附加功能或服务而产生额外费用。 因此,mBoard产品成本对所有客户都是固定价格。
Why mBoard depends on Performance of Computer
mBoard depend on the performance of a PC because they run on the computer's hardware and software resources, such as the CPU, memory, and storage. If a PC has limited resources or is running other resource-intensive tasks, it may not be able to provide enough resources for the local application to run smoothly. Additionally, the performance of a local application can also be affected by the operating system, drivers, and other software installed on the PC.
mBoard 取决于 PC 的性能,因为mBoard运行在计算机的硬件和软件资源上,例如 CPU、内存和存储。 如果PC资源有限或者正在运行其他资源密集型任务,可能无法为本地应用程序提供足够的资源来顺利运行。 此外,本地应用程序的性能也会受到操作系统、驱动程序和安装在 PC 上的其他软件的影响。
Recursive requests on mBoard Datasources refer to the process of a computer program making multiple requests or calls to itself in order to accomplish a certain task. These types of requests can put a heavy load on a PC's resources, especially if the program is making many requests in a short period of time. If the recursion is too deep, it can cause the call stack to exceed its limit and the program will crash. This phenomenon is called "stack overflow".
对mBoard Datasources的递归请求是指计算机程序为完成某项任务而对自身发出多次请求或调用的过程。 这些类型的请求会给 PC 的资源带来沉重的负担,尤其是当程序在短时间内发出许多请求时。 如果递归太深,可能会导致调用堆栈超出其限制,从而导致程序崩溃。 这种现象称为“堆栈溢出”。
However, mBoard as a sole Desktop application, which is a self-contained program that runs on a single computer will keep the privacy safety.
Build Widget with Datasource
Determine the purpose and functionality of your widget. Decide what type of widget you want to create, such as a chart, table, or interactive component.
Build Map Widget with Realtime Datasource
Realtime Datasource provided the live location GPS coordinate. The move of the pin would should the latest position. Full screen feature gave the better view for the user.

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