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Mobile WebServer App is a Lightweight, Fast and Simple HTTP Web Server. We can show our device's content on a web page. The web page can be displayed on any platform as long as we have installed web browser. However, the content has a "download link" button and a "copy link" button that make convenience for us. If there is not enough, we also can make our customised html content by sending a html file to the Mobile Web Server app. Upload feature is onboard for latest version.

Mobile WebServer App 是一个轻量级、快速和简单的 HTTP 网络服务器。 我们可以在网页上显示我们设备的内容。 只要我们安装了网页浏览器,网页就可以在任何平台上显示。 内容有一个“下载链接”按钮和一个“复制链接”按钮,为我们提供了方便。 如果还不够,我们还可以通过向Mobile Web Server app 发送 html 文件来制作我们自定义的 html 内容。最新版本有上传功能。

Mobile WebServer App adalah Pelayan Web HTTP Ringan, Cepat dan Mudah. Kami dapat menunjukkan kandungan peranti kami di laman web. Halaman web dapat dipaparkan di platform mana pun selama kita memasang penyemak imbas web. Namun, kandungannya mempunyai butang "pautan muat turun" dan butang "pautan salin" yang memudahkan kami. Sekiranya tidak mencukupi, kami juga dapat membuat kandungan html kami yang disesuaikan dengan mengirimkan fail html ke Mobile Web Server app. Ciri muat naik tersedia untuk versi terkini.

Updated Product

MobileQMS App is a Simple Single Line Queue Management that solved the current queue method. It's easy to setup and bring your mobile devices anywhere for implementation of queue management because it's offline app. It can send the Token Info as SMS to Visitors without printing the paper.

MobileQMS App 是一个简单的单线叫号管理,解决了当前的叫号方法。 因为它是离线应用程序,所以很容易设置并将您的移动设备带到任何地方来实施叫号管理。 它可以将叫号信息作为短信发送给访客,而无需打印纸张

MobileQMS App adalah Pengurusan Barisan Giliran yang menyelesaikan kaedah giliran semasa. Sangat mudah untuk menyediakan dan membawa peranti mudah alih anda ke mana sahaja untuk pelaksanaan pengurusan Barisan Giliran kerana ia adalah aplikasi luar talian. Ia dapat menghantar Maklumat Token sebagai SMS kepada Pengunjung tanpa mencetak kertas.

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Developing Product

Re-Design Queue Management System
We have redesigned QMS with 3 tier architecture. This solution can handle more simultaneous clients for creating queue number. Super admin was included for monitoring other admin at the same time. This latest QMS can create multiple branches without restriction.

We have used JMeter for stress testing the QMS components with 100 simultaneous create queue number. Thus, performance has a huge improvement with 3-tier architecture.

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New Product

Design a real time Dashboard as you wish.
mBOARD is a flexible Dashboard for showing the insight of your business. It can drag drop the pane and customisation the size of pane. Just configure your RESTful API on the datasource column and then add some panes on the dashboard.

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About Wheref APP

PaperlessQMS is using realtime database solution to gain better user experience when navigating the mobile screen. PaperlessQMS includes mobile App for visitor and business person. PaperlessQMS is using PaperlessQMS App to maintaining the unique token number and make sure no clash with the other PaperlessQMS App. However, PaperlessQMS can help visitor save more time and energy when waiting on the queue upon traditional way. Visitor can try to buy a cup of coffee or shopping after issued token number with mobile phone. If the visitor is far away from the counter, the counter can make a phone call to the visitor in case of urgent event. Thus, visitor can predict the coming token number before reaching the counter.

Wheref is a business that hosts an application and makes it available to customers over the internet.  SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This infers that the software sits on a Wheref's server while the user accesses it remotely.

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Why choose Paperless QMS?

Paperless QMS is a versatile system that benefits visitors, managers and business owners

Save Time

Eliminates ​long lines without wasting visitor time

Save Cost

Boosts productivity and visitors satisfaction

Save Paper

Save trees and maintain a balance of nature

Less Complaints

More efficient manner for visitor experience


Nothing to cater about the back end

Real Time Database

Responsive UI and accurate information

Paperless QMS - Why Choose Paperless QMS

Easy Manage

Mitigate risk of management to SaaS


Trend of the world and provides valuable data

Business Image

More innovative and in tune with technology


Analyse visitor feedback for improvement

Multiple Platform

Support either phone or tablet

QR Code

Create or Complete token with fast and accurate

Benefits of Going Paperless in Your Business

  • Document organization

    The ability to quickly locate and disseminate information may enhance your company's efficiency and professional image.

  • Client communication is faster and less expensive

    Sales and special offers without incurring postage and printing expenses.

  • Paperless files are easily saved and retrieved on the go

    Easily back up expense reports without needing to save a pile of papers to bring back to the office.

  • Automatic backups

    Data can be saved on flash drives, in the cloud, or to an external hard drive.

  • Data security

    Centerized collect customer information on cloud based server.

  • Environmental friendliness

    Businesses use less energy when printers, faxes, and copiers are inactive.

  • Financial benefits

    The cost of other office supplies like ink cartridges also decreases.

Business Scenario

Paperless QMS is capable to deploy in wide range of industry or business.
Sample of Business Scenario
Business Window Service Counter
  • KL Branch
  • Penang Branch
  • Outpatient
  • Emergency
  • Information & Advice
  • Room 1
  • Room 2
  • Counter 1
  • Counter 2
  • Laboratory
  • KL Branch
  • Penang Branch
  • Saving Account
  • Fix Deposit Account
  • VIP Service
  • Information & Advice
  • Room 1
  • Room 2
  • Counter 1
  • Counter 2
  • KL Branch
  • Penang Branch
  • Book Table
  • Payment
  • Order Request
  • Information
  • Counter 1
  • Counter 2
  • KL Branch
  • Penang Branch
  • Haircut
  • Kid Cut
  • Head shave
  • Seat 1
  • Seat 2
  • Seat 3
Bus Station
  • KL Branch
  • Penang Branch
  • Book Seat
  • Information
  • Counter 1
  • Counter 2
  • IT Department
  • HR Department
  • HR Interview
  • Techincal Interview
  • Take Exam
  • Information
  • Interviewer - John
  • Interviewer - Jessy
  • Export to Singapore
  • Export to Indonesia
  • Category - Normal Goods
  • Category - Expensive Goods
  • Category - Fagile Goods
  • Gate 1
  • Gate 2

Paperless QMS Features

The features of the Paperless QMS bundle are rich and expandable.
There are more features will be developed. The development steps are unstoppable and continuously.
Paperless QMS Products
Visitor App
CallPad App
Board App
Support Shopping Cart
Support NFC
Restrict Multiple Device Login
Support Multilingue
Check runnning Token Number
Push Notification
SMS Notification
Suggest Update App
Issue Token Number
Email Password Login
Show QR Code
Cancel Token Number
Recall Token Number  
Transfer Token Number  
Call Next Token Number  
Scan QR Code
Configure Max Limit Token per day  
Realtime Remote Control Board App  
Create Multiple Window  
Create Multiple Service  
Create Multiple Counter  
Create Business Catalog  
Feedback Data download  
Setting on Threshold, Opening hours and etc  
Reset running Token Number to initial number  

Frequently Asked Question

You might find your general questions and answers here.
Q: Where would the visitor get the token number?

A: The visitor needs to download Paperless QMS app and issue the token number from his/her smartphone.

Q: How about the visitor does not have smartphone?

A: The visitor can ask the company employee to issue his/her token number. A token number paper will be printed. Or, you can use MobileQMS.

Q: How to know the lastest calling token number?

A: The visitor can read Paperless QMS app (Visitor App) or watch the Android TV. All the data is realtime.

Q: If the visitor does not show up upon the calling token number?

A: The company employee can check the visitor's distance. If want, the employee can make a phone call to visitor.

Q: What's the mobile requirements for Visitor App?

A: "iOS Version 12 and newer" or "Android Version 7.0 and newer"

Q: What's the mobile requirements for Paperless QMS for BIZ?

A: "iOS Version 12 and newer" or "Android Version 7.0 and newer"

Q: Is it support SMS Notification for Paperless QMS?

A: PaperlessQMS for BIZ version 3.0.113 onward is supporting SMS Notification with Twilio configuration.

Q: What's the requirements for SMS Notification?

A: Twilio account with enabled SMS feature. Wheref will not burden the SMS cost.

Q: Can I create a token in front of the store with QRCode?

A: Yes, Visitor App can create a new token with QRCode from version 3.0.121 onward.

Q: How do I complete my queue in front of the store's employee?

A: Visitor can show his/her QRCode on Visitor App to the store's employee and let scan.

Q: Is it support Tablet or iPad?

A: Paperless QMS for BIZ is supporting bigger screen from version 3.0.111 onward.

Q: [VIDEO] How to use Paperless QMS for visitor?

A: Visitor should follow the steps according to the video below.

[ Open Video ]
Q: [VIDEO] How about the interaction between Employee and Visitor for the whole cycle of token?

A: The video below shows Employee screen and Visitor screen.

[ Open Video ]
Q: [VIDEO] What's the flow of calling next token from BIZ App for cycle of queue management?

A: The video below shows Employee screen and Simulator screen.

[ Open Video ]
Q: How to do Pairing with TV App?

A: You need enter the code from your TV screen to BIZ App.

Paperless QMS - Pair Code with Paperless QMS Board
Q: What will be shown on TV App?

A: TV App will show realtime tokens from database.

Paperless QMS - Tokens with Paperless QMS Board

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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